Synchronize multiple PC’s

I wanted to share with you a great tool I at last found to synchronize all my PC’s together. Problem Until now, if I wanted to access a file, or a bunch of files or even a URL from my browser on a different PC to where I had created or downloaded the file to,…

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Are you prepared for a disaster?

I have been building and running computer systems since about 1980 and I have had ‘a data disaster’ happen to me on a number occasions – so I have learned the hard way! Hard disk drives do crash and you basically lose everything just like that! Now I run mirrored drives (RAID 1) for my…

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The UPS works a treat

Boy, I’m so pleased I have an UPS in my office! Although it is rare that we get actual power cuts here in Cambridge,  every now and then we get a kind of blip – and that resets EVERYTHING. But not when you have an Uninterruptible Power Supply! Here’s a picture of the unit I…

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Moving to OptimizePress

Following work I was doing in a partnership program, I have installed the latest version of OptimizePress on my Blog. I have experience working with the original version of OptimizePress because I have been supporting two of my clients have been using this WordPress theming tool for a couple of years now. This latest version…

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old blog snapshot

Moving My Blog To A Sub-folder

After working with John Thornhill and his Partnership group, I have decided to move my WordPress Blog from the front page on my domain name back to a ‘blog’ sub-directory. I already have my blog set up on my domain name so I am moving my blog to a sub-folder so that it appears as…

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Putting Drupal back on the shelf

I have been running both WordPress and Drupal websites for a number of years now. However by doing this, I am focused on neither and I am diluting my energy. I really love the concept/architecture behind Drupal which makes it powerful and flexible BUT it has  a massive learning curve and it’s time consuming to…

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BMW 5 Series

This post is rather off topic, but I just have to write up about a car I just bought. I was walking past a car sales forecourt and I spotted this fantastic looking BMW 525iSE and I thought to myself “The ideal car for towing glider trailers!” I really love this body shape and it’s…

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Five Sales Copy Tips That Work

Are you concerned about your sales copy? Perhaps you’ve wasted your energy trying to make a quick buck without selling the experience. Compelling sales copy makes the customer see, taste, smell, and feel how good the experience will be, making it almost impossible to walk away without buying. Try these five sales copy writing tips…

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Making Money From Home

The idea of working from home – or better yet, of “making money from home” – appeals to a great number of people, but one of the problems with chasing this dream is that many people are unclear on exactly what they can (or should) do in order to successfully pursue this dream. If you…

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The Seven Parts Of A Business Plan

It might be time for you to write a business plan for your company, and if this is the case you might not know exactly what the next step is. Many people realize the importance of a business plan for a startup in need of a loan, but actually, a business plan is important for…

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